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However, his mark upon history also extends to winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as making many memorable speeches that are still relevant today. Churchill will be remembered for leading the UK during a challenging time in the early days of World War II, when active opposition to Hitler had not yet spread to the governments of other countries. Churchill helped to keep the nation inspired and determined to win the war, with his radio broadcasts and public speeches; some of the most well-known orations in history are included in these classic audio book collections: Sir Winston Churchill: "The War Years" and Sir Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour.

His sense of humor and razor-sharp wit have also contributed to his legend, and many people remember his acerbic comments, quips, and insults and repeat them to this day. He led a very interesting life, and had many interesting experiences that he wrote about, publishing close to twenty different books during his lifetime. Winston Churchill was also a historian and published a highly-regarded six part series about WWII, as well as a historical retelling of the beginning of the United States of America. In the Second World War, every bond between man and man was to perish.

Crimes were committed by the Hitler regime that find no equal in scale and wickedness with any that have darkened the human record. Features the highlights of major speeches given during World War II. More than 40 speeches - considered among the greatest of all time - comprise this marvelous collection Here is a history of Britain by one of its finest statesmen, a man who had himself crucially shaped events during perhaps the greatest crisis of modern times. Churchill's resonant prose brings to vivid Featuring highlights of 10 major speeches given by the British Prime Minister.

Throughout his six decades in the public eye, Winston Churchill understood and wielded the power of words This is a collection of a series of journalistic articles written during his travels throughout WWI era Europe that Churchill. Follow Us On.

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These men went on to play key roles in the formation of America and to become U. In history, Mahatma Gandhi is widely recognized as a non-violent revolutionary and a seeker of truth.

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In virtually the entire world was embroiled in conflicts, and India was no exception. The country had lived under British rule for over a century , and the Indian people were tired of the economic disadvantages and high taxation of the arrangement. This speech also called the Indian populace to passive resistance against their British rulers. The road ahead was long and filled with political turmoil, but eventually in the summer of , India was declared an independent country at last.

Married to President Franklin D.

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Most historical sources describe her as shy and retiring , but she was a dedicated politician, humanitarian, and activist for the better part of her life. Truman appointed Ms. Roosevelt to be the U. Roosevelt worked tirelessly for nearly two years to create a draft and resolve numerous stalemates amongst her fellow delegates. On December 9, , Ms.

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Roosevelt attended the United Nations General Assembly in Paris to deliver an impassioned speech , urging the assembly to adopt the finished declaration. At am the very next day , the UN unanimously accepted the document. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has since influenced national constitutions and human rights agreements all around the world. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as the most translated document in the world —translated into languages and dialects. Martin Luther King Jr. A Baptist minister and staunch social activist , King was the face of the American civil rights movement during the s and 60s.

During this era, just about every part of American life was segregated by skin color: buses, restaurants, schools, even restrooms and water fountains. King used his oratory talents as a pastor to deliver rousing speeches to his followers and the nation on the importance of equality.

Winston Churchill

He was also involved in many famous protests, including the March on Washington. This speech was a manifesto for the American civil rights movement and truly became the rallying cry for supporters of equality. In , South African leadership began enforcing official policies of racial segregation. This apartheid segregation restricted who black Africans could marry, where they could live, and what professions they could work.

He was arrested several times for treason and sabotage, and when the government raided an ANC hideout in Rivonia, they finally had enough evidence to charge 11 ANC leaders —including Mandela—to life imprisonment. Instead of testifying for himself, he delivered the speech that even today defines him as a leader. In it he expressed his passion for the freedoms of the African people and his hatred for apartheid. The address held the court spellbound for nearly four hours. Although his words did not save Mandela from being convicted, the speech struck a chord in the hearts of his audience and stirred up unrest in the South African people.

Mandela served 27 years in prison for his beliefs, but his words and his bravery were instrumental in dismantling the apartheid system in his country. In his address at the Brandenburg Gate , President Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to finally put an end to the divide and unite Berlin once again. Reagan gave the speech anyway.