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Cazador de halos (Halo Hunter)

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Ancient halo Ancient halo broken? A broken halo with the protection of an ancient god.

Halos' Magic by Hannah Faye - - Dymocks

Some birds were more persistent. Or maybe they just maneuver in the air a little better. They figured out how to manage around the wire within a day or two. Other birds watched and learned from them. I experimented first with temporary wires, then just the homemade halo. Then I tried permanent wires on this one feeder for several weeks.

Magic: The Gathering MTG ZENDIKAR VF 4 x Chasseur de halos R

My constant fiddling surely drove the birds a bit crazy. But even with all that, most of the American Goldfinches are totally cool with the wire. They often even dangle on it. House Finches avoid the wired feeder, which they used to spend a lot of time on. While a few have learned to get around the wires, most have moved to other feeders.

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But no House Sparrows use this feeder either. Sometimes they freak out and other times not. It may depend on the individual.

This seemed to do the trick for them. It has actually been really interesting watching the nuthatches figure this out.


There was one little White-Breasted Nuthatch who was initially freaked by the wires. After doing this this several times, she got it right. She then went back and forth a few more times without trouble. I wanted to cheer for her! Another potential downside is that when it is really windy, wires attached to a wind-swept baffle could whip around.

So to attach the wires more securely as a permanent solution, I needed a way that would let me remove the wires as needed. I got the baffle from my local bird store, but they are sold on Amazon too. Everything else can be purchased at Lowes or probably other home improvement type stores. Halo suggestions online said to use very thin 28 to 30 gauge metal craft wire.

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They cautioned not to use monofilament which could entangle birds. So I got a spool of 28 gauge wire from my local Michaels craft store. My experiments with this weight of wire did not go well. The wire broke off in use several times where it attached to the heavy nuts. This meant I had to find the nut on the ground and re-hang it. I think this wire weight is just a little too thin.


So I went back to the somewhat sturdier wire I had used in my trial. It was in my craft stash and unmarked but I am fairly sure it is 24 gauge wire.

Note: I saw a pack of what looked to be the same weight wire at the local home improvement store. It is proving to be not as fragile as the 28 gauge craft wire.