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This encloses man in the corporeal world, obscuring higher, and even infernal, forces. Materialisation and quantification complete the first stage. This is the second phase of dissolution.

My 3 AM Demon Attack Story

There are those human agents who consciously and intentionally promote the counter-tradition. However, as Guenon pointed out, there are many more who are unconscious agents of the counter-tradition. In either case, the results are the same. The philosopher Eric Voegelin identified two structures of consciousness as ordering principles in various cultures. These are compact and differentiated consciousness:.

Compact simply means that consciousness contains aspects which could be, but have not yet been, distinguished. Self-reflection reveals aspects which we had not previously recognized. In other words, compact consciousness consists of the myths, legends, symbols, fairy tales, customs, prejudices, etc. These are accepted without question and form the basis of social order.

In our time, however, this social foundation has lost its hold on many people. This is obviously the result of the processes of solidification and dissolution, rather than to any superior intellectual acuity. No intelligent man should want to overthrow the social order in favour of some fantasised glorious future.

Angels and Demons

Au contraire, the cultured despisers cannot discern the higher influences behind those aspects of compact consciousness. Unfortunately, they are considered to be the intellectual elite of our time. Those content to live with compact consciousness should be left in peace. There are always a few, however, who are compelled to unpack the compact consciousness, while being careful not to overturn the order and stability of the social order.

Often, the compact consciousness does not understand the differentiated consciousness and misinterprets the latter as a threat or heretical. First of all, the notion that there four legitimate levels for interpreting a sacred text used to be the norm. Even the enemies of Christianity believe the same thing. Hence, we need to reinterpret things in a new process of differentiation.

Auguste Comte , in the 19 th century, was appalled by the chaos resulting from the French Revolution, which had overturned the social order of years of Catholic French kings. His system did have some influence throughout that century. That can be called the first wave of neo-paganism, which was not antithetical to the compact social order, unlike current versions of neo-paganism which are, for the most part, opposed to it. With a little thought experiment, we can show how compact consciousness becomes differentiated. Through imagination, it is first necessary to entire into the mind of compact consciousness.

The gods of Mount Olympus were indifferent, but not always, to human affairs. Although they might love certain privileged individuals, they did not love mankind in general.

He needs to resort to various rites in an attempt to appease the gods. So for someone who believes and lives by these myths, the world is fundamentally unintelligible: there is no cosmic order, since he is subjected to the inscrutable, arbitrary, and often immoral, acts of the gods. Moreover, he is subject to the unknown, and unknowable, actions of the Fates. Those are the principles uncovered by the differentiated consciousness: the world is unintelligible, the cosmos is indifferent to man, man is subject to unknowable forces. That is why Christianity took hold of the Roman Empire.

Leaving aside the stories, which are unbelievable to many today, this is the differentiated worldview: the world is indeed intelligible because it was created by the Logos; there is but one God, not multiple gods with competing interests; the God is Good and is interested in human flourishing.

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I could go on, but it is not necessary to repeat earlier posts. For example, the story of the Fall of Adam can be understood in a differentiated way, beyond the literal meaning. The bridge between the two worldviews is Plato, although he drew on a more ancient Tradition.

The wife of the biblical Adam

Plato rejected the mythologies of the poets since the gods were often immoral. For him, the highest reality was the form of the Good. It is an easy step from Plato to Christianity, which will be covered in a future post. We have the testimonies of St Gregory and Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich that an angel and a demon are assigned to each person, although through practice you can learn to see this for yourself. To understand the role of the angel, it is necessary to understand the Divine Prototypes:.

God contained within himself before the creation of the world the divine prototypes, the destinies of all creatures, so that the world bears within it the image and the reflection of the divine prototype. In other words, there is a prototype of each person in the divine mind. The guardian angel, then, actually shares the same prototype as the human being.

The HIDDEN History Of Sex Between Demons & Humans

This means, in a sense, that the Guardian Angel is a higher, disembodied state of the human being. Etymologically, the devil or diable refers to this double. So if the angel is the higher prototype, the demon is the lower double of man. As an adversary, the demon may serve a useful function. The Jungian James Kaufman claimed:. Rudolf Steiner carried the idea of the double one step further. He identified two such doubles: the Ahrimanic and the Luciferic.

The Ahrimanic double is associated with the materialisation and solidification phase, and the Luciferic with the spiritual dissolution phase. As another example, we can look at the idea of sexual perversion. You can interpret what follows in a compact or differentiated way. Slavoj Zizek, in a recent article makes a rather odd claim, considering that he is a student of psychoanalysis:.

If psychoanalysis taught us anything, it is that human sexuality is immanently perverted, traversed by sadomasochist spins and power games, that in it, pleasure is inextricably interlinked with pain. However, that is quite opposite to what Sigmund Freud himself actually asserted:. The common characteristic of all perversions is that they have abandoned reproduction as their aim.

Lilith: Ancient Demon, Dark Deity or Sensual Goddess?

We term sexual activity perverse when it has renounced the aim of reproduction and follows the pursuit of pleasure as an independent goal. Freud does not use the word perversion in a moral sense, but in its neutral objective meaning of turning away from the natural purpose of sexual activity. From a strictly biological perspective, the purpose of sex is solely reproduction, and pleasure associated with it is incidental. God ordered Lilith to do despicable act. Where ever they come from they are still innocent.

It easy to judge Lilith based what name she is called. Lilith should be judge based on her actions and not name calling.

Urban Dictionary: demons

Only god would call Lilith children demon as it was not made by him. Bible was from god. Sounds like a control freak who could not control Lilith children and man's children by cursing Lilith to kill one or the infants whether it was man's or her own. Sounds like god uses fear to control the mass even if it hurts innocent lives. Original sin occurred when Adam joined with Eve's angel and Eve joined with Adam's angel mixing up the sexuality and the roles of both angels and mankind, i. Other male angels started producing these evil half breeds until they were all wiped in the floods of Noah but their evil spirits lived on better known as demons.

Lucifer and the other fallen angels were locked up inside another fallen angel Hades who was bound into the centre of the Earth. Current Satan is arguing with God for the souls of Mankind until the end comes and this female angel and those with her will also be locked up in Hades. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.